Nursicare are specially designed breastfeeding pads with a super absorbent membrane covered by a printed thin film cover to draw away and absorb milk leakage, preventing irritation and contamination.   

Nursicare’s advanced care formula moisturises the skin, soothing swelling and easing pain while allowing the skin to breath, promoting nipple health throughout breastfeeding.  This innovative, advanced care class of wound care can support you to improve the breastfeeding experience.

Nursicare Pad used throughout breastfeeding promotes and maintains nipple health while breastfeeding, New mothers can make breast feeding easier and more comfortable by using Nursicare Pads from the start,  but should be used at the first sign of irritation or nipple discomfort which can often be caused by infant suckling. Nursicare pads are an absorbent membrane covered by a thin printed film, used to draw moisture away from the irritated area and prevent further contamination. The innovative pad has oxygen and moisture vapour breath ability for improved healing, with many woman using the pads to improve the breast feeding experience and completely heal wounds.